The Most Famous
Chicken Store In The World

Where The Roosters

The Chicken Store is the home of the Rooster Rescue Team, a volunteer group devoted to preserving the gypsy chickens of Key West.  We take in orphaned peeps, nurse sick or wounded chickens, relocate nuisance roosters and introduce the birds to visitors and children.

When some newcomers wanted chickens banned from Key West, we stepped in to defend them.  Do you love chickens?  Do you know someone who does?  Buy a Rooster Rescue T-shirt and join our Team. Help us to preserve the Soul of Old Key West!

Chickens are safe here, because we sell EVERYTHING BUT
the wild gypsy chickens of Key West.


The wild Key West chickens come here when they are orphaned or wounded, sick or in danger.

You can adopt them, if you qualify, but you can't buy them at any price! They are very special. They are the most beautiful and the most free and wonderful chickens in the world!
At the end of the movie "Chicken Run," where do you think those hard-working, freedom-loving chickens went? The mythical island where they could be happy and be left alone, and scratch around in the dirt, and not worry about being chopped up and extruded into pot pies? 

It was Key West! Anyway, that's our story, and
we are sticking to it!

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Red Rover & Roy Stone in Key West
Every purchase supports the rehabilitation of orphaned
and injured chickens in
the Florida Keys.

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